We Work Directly With The County!

We are licensed and work directly with the county on assisting individuals in filing claims. We perform an audit on the county records and they provide us information and updates on statuses of claims.

No Upfront Fees: At Relief Assets Recovery, we believe in providing our services without placing any financial burden on our clients. That’s why we charge no upfront fees. We operate on a contingency basis, meaning we only receive payment if we are successful in recovering the funds on your behalf. This approach ensures that our interests are aligned with yours, and you can trust that we will work diligently to maximize your claim.

Bearing All Legal Fees: We understand that legal fees can be a major concern when pursuing unclaimed funds. To alleviate this worry, we take care of all legal fees associated with the claim. Our team of licensed attorneys, spread across every state, possesses the expertise needed to handle the legal aspects of the process. This allows our clients to have peace of mind, knowing that their claim is being handled by professionals who will navigate any legal complexities on their behalf.

Direct Lists from the County: To streamline the process, we have established direct connections with county treasury departments. We receive updated lists of individuals who are entitled to unclaimed funds directly from the counties. This enables us to identify potential claimants efficiently and promptly, ensuring that no eligible funds go unnoticed.

Dedicated Researchers and Private Investigators: At Relief Assets Recovery, we have a dedicated team of researchers and private investigators who play a crucial role in our success. They employ their expertise to locate individuals who may be entitled to unclaimed funds. Once identified, we reach out to these individuals and explain our process, providing them with the necessary information to initiate their claim.

Understanding What Happens After a Foreclosure

When faced with a Tax Deed or Mortgage foreclosure, the county takes action by holding a foreclosure auction on the property in question, prompted by unpaid taxes or mortgage. The initial bid at this auction matches the outstanding taxes or mortgage amount.

What often goes unnoticed is that these properties frequently fetch a selling price surpassing the opening bid. The surplus, or profit, from the sale is rightfully owed to the previous owner—a detail many are unaware of.

Despite the county’s effort to notify through surplus notifications letters, the crucial hitch is that these communications typically reach the last recorded address. This means that more often than not, individuals are left uninformed, missing out on the opportunity to claim the surplus rightfully owed to them.

We specialize in stepping in to help you navigate the process of filing a surplus claim. With direct collaboration with the county, we streamline the recovery of these funds on your behalf.

What sets us apart is our commitment to charging absolutely no upfront fees. Our compensation is solely a finder’s fee, payable only when we successfully secure your claim. This unique approach ensures that you bear no financial risk throughout the entire process.

Unclaimed State Funds

Unclaimed state funds represent forgotten money belonging to individuals—a surprising reality. Many people have funds waiting for them, stashed away in unclaimed bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, uncashed checks, money orders, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trust funds, royalties, and escrow accounts. When these assets go unclaimed, they eventually find their way to the state’s treasury. Institutions handling these funds are obligated to submit an annual report to the state’s treasury, and after several unsuccessful attempts to contact the rightful owners, the funds are surrendered to the state.

We operate directly with the state, holding the necessary licenses to act as finders, guiding you through the process of claiming and recovering these funds.

What makes our service stand out is our commitment to charging absolutely no upfront fees. We take care of all the filings on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free experience in reclaiming what rightfully belongs to you.

How It Works

At Relief Assets Recovery, we take the reins of the entire filing process, covering everything from in-depth research and meticulous documentation to handling legal fees and persistent follow-ups.

Our clients can kick back and relax as we navigate the intricacies on their behalf. Trust us to efficiently and professionally guide you through the process of reclaiming your surplus funds.

Don’t hesitate—reach out today to initiate the journey of rightfully reclaiming what belongs to you.

1. Identification of Surplus Funds: Following the county auction of a property, we focus on identifying surplus funds—any remaining after settling outstanding debts, such as taxes or mortgage payments. Our direct collaboration with the county provides us with a comprehensive list, aiding in the identification of individuals entitled to these funds.
2.Research and Agreement: Upon pinpointing potential claimants, our dedicated team of researchers and private investigators conducts thorough research to locate these individuals or their heirs. Once found, we initiate contact, providing an agreement form to kickstart the surplus funds reclaiming process.
3. Title Search and Liens Check: To ensure a seamless claim process, we conduct a meticulous title search on the property linked to the surplus funds. This step helps uncover any outstanding liens or creditors that require attention during the claim procedure.
4. Verification of Available Funds: Before advancing with the claim, we confirm the accessibility of the surplus funds. This verification ensures that the funds are ready for the rightful owner or heirs to claim.
5.Preparation of Legal Documents: Our seasoned team takes charge of preparing all necessary legal documents essential for the claim. We handle the entire documentation process, covering all legal filing fees, alleviating our clients of any financial burdens associated with the claim.
6. Notarization and Claim Submission: With the legal documents in order, we proceed to notarize the county documents to validate the claim. Subsequently, we submit the claim to the appropriate county or state treasury department on behalf of our clients.
7. Ongoing Follow-Up: Post-submission, we take on the responsibility of following up with the county or state treasury department, ensuring a smooth progression of the process. Throughout this stage, we keep our clients well-informed and updated until a successful payout materializes.
8. Successful Payout: Our unwavering efforts and expertise heighten the chances of a successful payout. Upon the disbursement of surplus funds to the rightful owner or heirs, we receive our contingency fee as previously agreed upon.