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Welcome to our team of seasoned experts providing services across the USA.

If you’ve recently received a call or correspondence from us, it’s because we’ve identified funds held by the government that could rightfully belong to you. Armed with training and licenses, we possess an intricate understanding of government agencies in every state. Navigating the complexities of each agency, we specialize in securing your funds when held by the government. These agencies often have stringent requirements for establishing your entitlement to a claim and submitting requests. Having professionals by your side ensures a smooth process and increases your chances of success.


“Meet Javier Resto, the accomplished leader at the helm of Relief Assets Recovery. As President, Javier specializes in asset management and financial planning, drawing upon extensive expertise in estate planning, asset protection, and wealth management. His commitment to personalized solutions tailored to individual needs has elevated Relief Assets Recovery to a position of trust and distinction within the industry. Javier’s outstanding leadership and unwavering focus on clients have consistently made a positive impact on their financial wellbeing.”

Meet Our Professional Group

Discover the dedicated team behind your claim at Relief Assets Recovery Group! With a nationwide presence, our staff is committed to facilitating a seamless process for you to recover your unclaimed funds. We prioritize exceptional customer service and guarantee full transparency throughout your journey with us.

If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them!