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Welcome to Relief Assets Recovery, LLC., your dedicated team of professionals based in Erie,
PA, committed to your financial well-being. Our seasoned experts specialize in the precise art of
locating and securing lost or unclaimed assets.

If you've received correspondence from us— be it a call, letter, or email—it's because
we've uncovered funds held by the government thatrightfully belong to you.

Our Commitment

Our team boasts a deep understanding of the intricate workings of U.S. government agencies. When your funds are in their custody, our expertise comes into play, ensuring a swift and efficient recovery process. Time is of the essence, as per U.S. law, and after a specific period, the government may claim your funds permanently. That's why having seasoned professionals by your side is not just advantageous but crucial.

A Team You Can Count On

What sets Relief Assets Recovery apart is our commitment to you. There's zero risk for our clients— no recovery, no payment. We operate with full transparency, priding ourselves on being a trustworthy and effective partner in securing what rightfully belongs to you.

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